Capricorn Picture

For =ArhcamtIlnaad's Zodiac contest.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Greek Zodiac myths, this is Capricorn, who is half goat, half fish. (I took some liberties, I know, in making her rather un-goat-ish.)

The backstory: Zeus's father Cronos had the unfortunate habit of devouring his children, in order to prevent them from dethroning him later in life. (Cronos is known as Saturn in Roman mythology, hence Goya's painting "Saturno devorando a un hijo.") Cronos's wife eventually got sick of seeing her children eaten, so when she gave birth to Zeus, she hid him, and gave Cronos a stone wrapped in a blanket instead. Down went the stone, and Zeus was smuggled away to Capricorn to be raised on her island until he was old enough for schooling.

Zeus later set Capricorn in the stars as a constellation to honor his foster mother. I had to wonder, though--what happened to Capricorn in the mean time? After Zeus grew up and went charging off to confront his father, what did she do until he remembered her? Did she ever get to visit him? Or did she just hear about his successes in the daily news?

I see this as a photo that Capricorn might keep close to her, as a fond memory. (Never mind that they didn't have photos--it's a myth!) So, here she is, with a young Zeus. I imagine she'd be most comfortable in water, and she probably kept some fish around to amuse herself and her adopted son. The spear is for her role as a protector--supposedly the whole island was surrounded by soldiers, to keep anyone from harming Zeus as he grew up.

This is the most stock I've ever used in my short stint as a photomanipulator. I've gotten specific permission from nearly every stocker to use their work in a contest. Special thanks to all of them for making their stock available and for being so supportive!

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