cupid x psyche naruhina style Picture

lol i did this in like 5 minutes. no joke.

i realize that i fail at wrinkles. thats y its in mah scrap book.


in mythology, 4 those of u who dont kno, aphrodite got jealous of psyches beauty, because people neglected her temples and went instead to worship a mere human girl. aphrodite ordered her son, cupid, to make psyche fall in love with the most "vile" creature on the earth. but when cupid saw psyche, he fell in love with her.
so he sent a letter to her family saying he wanted to marry her, and they left her on a cliff for him, and she was carried to a beautiful house where she was taken care of. her husband was invisible to her, and she was told to never look at him at night.
psyches sisters visit and, jealous of her house, convince psyche to look at her husband. so she does, and sees "a beautiful" youth, cupid. but because she has seen his face, cupid must leave her (for some weird reason).
anyways, so psyche searches for aphrodite and does tons of "impossible" tasks for her so that she may be forgiven (lthough aphrodite has no intention of doing so).
she faints when she opens a box containing beauty that was meant for aphrodite from the queen of hades, and cupid finds her. he convinces zeus to allow him and psyche to live on mount olympus as a married couple without aphrodite intervening, and so it happens; and aphrodite forgives psyche since they are officially family. psyche is given some juice of some sort that turns her immortal.

and they live happily evar after ^3^ lol

if ya wanna color it go ahead; i dun care, lol. just give me credit. and send me a link! ^^
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