Hudor Theos: Water Mage Picture

Hudor Theos. The name translates into "Water God".

This is my friend, Ben7432's character from our RP. He needed help with character development (he is unsure what to do in the RPs and kinda just wanders, so Im helping him with storyline-following and character development) so I drew what he and I both saw his character as.

We both are quite pleased with the progress so far. He likes the picture

I drew for him' to! This was first drawn on paper and then "digitalized" onto Paint.Net.
Hudor beleives he is a far decendant of Poseidon. He is somewhat brave but quiet and to himself. He is also impatient and easily angered or annoyed.

His abilities are Aquachenetics, (using waterpressure to launch himself upward in a flying fasion; controlling basic water movement; able to talk to aquatic creatures and stay underwater longer; can, for up to an hour, turn into a water-elemental and camoflauge in the water enviornment) and knows basic swords play with an short sword.
Saddly I forgot to draw the sheaf ;w;

However there is a catch; if seperated from his staff of aqua-elementus he is cut off from his major Aquachenetics and can only control basic water movements.

Also, he has a strong intollerance to heat; if exposed to outside-heat above 100* for to long, his body fluids will boil and he can die. He is also afraid of traveling near clouds because of his fear of the greek god Zeus.
Ben loves greek mythology, and I find his character compliments his interest quite well!

Minecraft (c) Notch
Hudor Theos (c) Ben7432
Artwork (c) Myself

Took about 4 hours to doodle, scan, outline, color/shade, special affects, and post
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