The Final Amazon Picture

First this rant....

To the brilliant idiot who said lets make her Zeus daughter, congratulations from your history teacher who loves the fact you know about hercules.

Thank you for killing any childhood resemblance of a Super Heroine with a mythological origins that needed no explanation that didn't involve sex and bestowing gods as humans that can be just as fools as mortals. But wait, I forgot she is no longer a comic book super heroine, she is in an Young Adult Graphic Novel, whic his why I give up....I hve read my last issue and cut all ties with DC, and Marvel altogether, all I have is my memories.

As for the image this is my final revision for Wonder woman (sans Guauntlets as like a dummy I forgot to put them on). And when I finally get around to doing Heroine Prime this will be the Wonder Woman that appears.
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