Venus: summit of beauty and love Picture

Well, the goddess of love:

the Roman Venus or the Greek Aphrodite,
the Etruscan Turan, the Phoenician Astarte,
the Syrian Atargatis, the Egyptian Hathor*,
the Hurrian and Hittite Shausga,
the Babylonian and Assyrian Ishtar, the Sumerian Inanna,
the Armenian Astlik ('Litte Star'), the Elamite Pinikir,
the Persian Anahita, the Illyrian Ansotica,
the Scythian Atrimpasa, the Arabian Alilat ... and I'm sure there are many other names for her.

Born from seafoam and the sperm of castrated Ouranos, eldest of the Olympian gods, wife of Vulcanus-Hephaistos, mistress of Mars-Ares, mother of Amor-Eros. Venus is one of the most remarkable figures of pagan mythology. I like her and I think this is one of the best drawings I made of her. I'm proud of it
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