The Nabbing of Persephone p. 1 Picture

Why is there a "mixed media" option UNDER "traditional media"?
...Anyway, this is page one of a set of comics portraying the story of the seasons in Greek mythology -when Hades stole (or "nabbed", or as my books put it, "raped") Persephone, daughter of Demeter and Zeus, because he was lonely, only hanging out with dead people and a three-headed dog all the time.

So I drew this series of comics back in... October or November 2009. Then I inked them, and later colored them partially with Sharpies.
And then yesterday and today I added some Photoshop coloring to it. And it took FOREVER.
I'm still pretty new to Photoshop coloring techniques, but I like how it came out. I suppose since it's just a comic strip, I'm excused for it not being epic.

Er, right, so this strip: Persephone is out with her mother and friends. Persephone saw a flower she liked and wandered out of sight. Then Hades rose from the ground and kidnapped her.

Hades has a beard.
And Persephone's hair is supposed to be brown, not orange. Something weird happened during the scanning and photoshopping process.

Part/Page 2: [link]

Oh, and originally Persephone was supposed to be saying something in the last panel, but it looked better without it. So the only words are two sound effects, "yoink" and "rrsh".
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