Lesser Gods of Olympus WWFF1 Picture

Here is a Fan fiction that I wanted Wonder Woman Comics to show and that was all the lesser gods. Though it show some lesser gods like Pan, Morpheus, and Eos most often in the background, it completely forgets other gods.

Here are the Lesser Gods of Olympus...
1) Iris: goddess of the rainbow and messenger god
2) Helios: Sun god
3) Eileithyia: Goddess of Childbirth
4) Leto: goddess of motherhood; Artemis & Apollo Mother
5) Triptolemus: God of the Harvest
6) Hygeia: Goddess of health
7) Hebe: Goddess of youth
8) Dikius: God of Rightousness
9) Selene: Moon goddess
10) Askeplicus: God of Medicine
11) Metis: goddess of Prudence
12) Dike: Goddess of Justice
13) Charis: Goddess of Beauty & radiance
14) Ganymedes: Cupperbearer of the Gods
15) Enyo: Goddess of savage war

- The Goddess Hebe has appeared once or twice in the Comic Books but is rarely identified as Hebe.
- The God Dikius is made up
- Metis may just be a goddess stuck in Zeus's Head!
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