God of Wine Dionysus Picture

the table is dedicated in our Greek deity "Dionysus".

In Greek mythology, Dionysus is made to be a son of Zeus and Semele; other versions of the myth contend that he is a son of Zeus and Persephone. Nysa, for Greek writers, is either the nymph who nursed him, or the mountain where he was attended by several nymphs (the Nysiads), who fed him and made him immortal as directed by Hermes.
In Greek mythology, Dionysus is born from the thigh of his father, on the island of Ikaria, and is delivered in twelve nymphs or water spirits, the Hyades, which become food of the divine child. Later, as a token of gratitude the service, the Hyades exypsothikan celestial firmament which shines as the constellation Yadon. Is Igneous and lake, bringing an inherent quality of 'lake or the swamp. " Dionysus is also dithyramb, ie Digenis, born from the fire first and then the water, following the tradition of such primordial deities.
Dionysus is also associated with fertility, fulfilled through love and epigram of Anacreon to God begins with the words "O Lord, that your companions in the game is strong Eros, Mavromatis the nymphs and Aphrodite!"
For the ancient Greeks the mask or persona was a symbol of unity in duality. He who wore the same time he was someone else, or was temporarily persona (which in Greek means echo through, that I speak through the mask), one of the characters of the drama (dramatis personae). The facade was holding joined 'the two identities and of course played the role of gateway between different worlds or realms of experience. This transition to the dangerous, shadowy realm of the underworld, chaos and death is a central issue in the Dionysian cult. As noted by Godwin, is characteristic of the gods descend to the underworld to redeem its errant souls.

The retinue of Dionysus was called the thiasus and comprised chiefly of maenads and satyrs.
And because of Dionysus we have the celebration of Halloween all over the world...
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