Why.Won't.You.Belive.Me? Picture

...im sorry...im having an artblock...again...>.<`

its probobly my nervs...just sent in my aplications to the schools i hope to attend...i hope i get in theis year! XZ

the lineart for this one is ancient! like, from this SUMMER! from way back when i started planing my comic about Hades and Kore/Persephone! X3

it starts with the abduction, like the myth, but Kore soon realises that there is more to the God of the underworld then death and violence (perticuarly when she sees him play with Kerberos)! but just as she starts to warm up to him, Zeus demands she return to her mothers side, never to return to the "black sheep of the family" again....

lucky then that Hades best friend/servant found a lupehole in the aincent laws! XP
im gonna do a picture of him soon, his main purpose is to vacume EVERYWHERE at the wrong time! XD

plz coment! ^^
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