Polyphemus Turnaround Picture

I didnt want to name him just "Cyclops". So I did a little research.

Polyphemus is the same Cyclops Odysseus fights in The Odyssey by Homer

For an animation I'm working on called "Hermes".
Hermes got into trouble in Mount Olympia, so Zeus kicked him out. He also dragged Iris into it too, so she's falsly kicked out as well. After so, evil creatures plot to take over Mount Olympus. Hermes and Iris see this, but they cant go back. So Hermes plans to go down to Earth and ask the Mortal Armies to assist. And that's where the adventure begins.

He was fun to design. And his colors make him look so evil! Hermes will induce a short battle with Polyphemus in the animation. How will Hermes win? We'll just have to see.

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