Ekhidna mother of monsters. Picture

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EKHIDNA (or Echidna) was a monstrous she-dragon (drakaina) with the head and breast of a woman. She probably represented or presided over the corruptions of the earth : rot, slime, fetid waters, illness and disease.

She was often equated with Python (the rotting one), a dragon born of the fetid slime left behind by the great Deluge. Others call her the Tartarean lamprey, and assigned her to the dark, swampy pit of Tartaros beneath the earth. Hesiod, makes her a daughter of monstrous sea-gods, and presumably associates her with rotting sea-scum and fetid salt-marshes.
In all cases, she was described as the consort of Typhoeus (Typhon) , a monstrous storm-daemon who challenged Zeus in heaven. Together they spawned a host of terrible monsters to plague the earth.

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well, i want to draw ekhidna a time ago, was one of my favorite characthers of old myths, why? usually is only mentioned, as well as her husband, thypon, and there is not much draws of her. i cant avoid some giger references here XD. saddly, this one was doing in a rush time... deadlines
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