Aphrodite the Goddess of Love Picture

Micron 02


#2 in the series... It's not the second one I drew, but I figured I'd post them in order of their planetary arrangement. Meh, whatever.

To be honest, this one could have come out better. I kinda rushed this one cuz I had customers and I didn't want to seem like I was being productive...
Ah well... in any case, it's almost an obvious choice... Aphrodite, or Venus as the Romans called her, was the Goddess of Love, Beauty, Sexuality, etc.... born from sea foam near Cyprus.

I always thought that she was a child of Zeus, but I found it interesting to note that according to Wikipedia, she's actually the child of Uranus and Gaea... and is in fact actually older than Zeus... but poets later on changed it around.

I was a real Greek mythology buff when I was little...
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