ZeFactor Athena Picture

ZeFactor; Duel of the Gods

The Gods are now waging war with one another, facing off in epic duels of cunning and skill to determine which umong them is the most powerful of all. They will call upon champions from across the universe and the many realms within their reach. With the most powerful warriors, beasts and monsters at their command, who umong the great and powerful deities will prevail over all in the great battles to come? This much is certain, the only way to win is to duel like a true God!

A rather late addition to the game but one I’m glad I thought of, primarily because I’ve intended the theme of this game to be a battle between the Gods, like Zeus against Hera or Athena against Ares, each “God” ultimately serving as an avatar for any player to adopt. But how to better represent that in the core gameplay has always been a hurdle, but now I think I got it here with the God Card.

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