Pandora's Box Picture

I was always intrigued by the story of Pandora's box. Basically the story goes that Pandora was the first woman created in Greek Mythology and was constructed by Hephaestus. The gods made her sexy. Well everyone loved her until stupid Prometheus stole some fire and introduced it to humans. Needless to say, Zeus was pissed, so he married Pandora to Prometheus's brother, Epimethius. So Zeus gives her a jar (it was actually a jar, not a box) and says "This is an awesome gift for you, but you MAY NEVER OPEN IT EVER, okay?"

Well, poor little Pandora, curious no thanks to the gods, opens the damn thing and BAM, all evil escaped and made its merry way to earth. Oh! And there was one thing too at the very bottom, a dingy thing called hope.

The worst part is that Zeus wanted this to happen. Really Zeus? Really? Why not open the jar yourself? Why do you have to take the long way around these things?

SO, this is my interpretation of Pandora and the box. And yeah, yeah, I know, it's really a jar. But hey! The box was WAY easier to draw then a friggin` can or something. Plus I drew this while watching The Odyssey. Always watch similar themed things while drawing to get some inspiration.

TA TA for now!!
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