Olympus Apt 18 Picture

I love writing all three of the bros together. Often Hades feels Zeus makes jokes at his expense, but Zeus makes jokes at everyone's expense. It's pretty much how he rolls.

I'll note I took a bit to decide between Neptune and Poseidon, as I'm still a Latin student. I decided that Poseidon was more associated with the god than Neptune, who is occasionally used as a 'king of Atlantis' type figure. I also did it for my friend Julie, who is the only person who nerds out about myth with me and is a big fan of the Percy Jackson series (which I just cannot get through, sorry fans out there), and Poseidon seems like kind of an important guy in that. Plus the other brothers stuck with their Greek names, not that he cares about fitting in.

Honestly I need more opportunities to use their Latin names. I'll let you know how that goes.
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