Hades and Persephone Picture

So .. I don't like it. XD As usual.

I painted this for my friend Alexis who is always so wonderful and role playing Greek mythology with me.

She loves Hades and Persephone's story.

Theres two versions of this.

In both Hades kids naps Persephone and her mother demeter weeps. thus creating fall and winter because nothing will grow. Finally Zeus forces Hades to give persephone back but by then she has already consumed 6 pomegranted seeds and if you eat food from the underworld your not supose to be able to leave it.

So As a comprimise Zeus maked persephone stay under ground 6 months a year.

The thing that varies between versions is that in some stories (the one i like best) Persephone eats the seeds because she ends up falling in love with Hades and the news that Zeus is going to make her leave is semi-depressing to her.

D= However... like Persephone Ends up cheating on Hades at some point and has a kid with Zeus. She never bares any of Hades kids. I think she loves him , but acts like she hates him in front of people because she doesnt want to be ridiculed.

It's kinda in the greek gods nature to cheat. but Hades is even so kind to let Persephones daughter live in the underworld with her.

I think i'd be upset if my brother slept with my wife.
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