Thunder Woman Villain: Nemo Oudeis Picture

Over the period of her career, Thunder Woman has had the misfortune to defend Newport from many, many opponents. As a result, she has built up a considerable rogues gallery of villains, all the way from petty crooks to giant monsters, cosmic despots, and even the ruler of a third of all existence. But even the Infernal Empress, Dominus, Hera, and the Tarnish, ostensibly the most powerful opponents she has ever had to face in her career, have not had the impact on her life that one villain did; not even the schemes of Helreginn, the betrayal of Ranke, nor the gaslighting by Ares' children, have affected her quite like what happened when she encountered the enigmatic villain who hounded Samantha for a short period of time. The man who called himself Nemo Oudeis.

Thunder Woman first met Oudeis during an extended effort to halt an operation by a Newport crime lord to traffic metahuman children into the city to use as living weapons or sell their organs and blood to those individuals attempting to create their own metahuman soldiers. She learned of this when the operation mistakenly kidnaps the metahuman child of a Newport businessman, who offers Thunder Woman an award for the rescue of his child. Teaming up with Herakles, who is enraged after learning of the slave operation, Thunder Woman tracks down the central location of the crime lord’s operation and his headquarters.

But the would be criminal mastermind anticipated this, hiring a number of superpowered mercenaries to deal with the heroes. They didn’t help, and as TW and Herakles beat each mercenary sent at them, the crime lord grew desperate, and turned to a mysterious, legendary band of superhuman operatives, led by an even more mysterious man known by the name of Nemo Oudeis, hailing from somewhere between southern Europe and north Africa. Nemo and his four acolytes were the final obstacle for the heroic duo, but against the orders of the crime lord, Nemo told his men to stand back, and challenged Thunder Woman and Herakles to a duel; if the duo were able to beat him, he and his men would stand aside and let the heroes go on with their mission. Samantha and Herakles accepted the offer.

But Oudeis was more than he appeared, able to easily match the two heroes in combat. Nonetheless, using teamwork, Herakles and Thunder Woman managed to defeat him, seemingly injuring and rendering him unconscious. The obstacle out of the way, they arrived to confront the crime lord, only to find him and all of his lieutenants dead, executed by Nemo’s acolytes, and a note left for Thunder Woman asking her to meet Oudeis at the docks of Newport. Returning to the scene of the battle, Samantha and Herakles find Nemo Oudeis and his men gone, just as a mysterious red energy consumes and destroys the entirety of the area the trafficking operation had been using, somehow leaving the kidnapped children alive and unharmed despite the total destruction. Samantha is puzzled by Oudeis, his actions, and what he wants.

Samantha confronted Oudeis at the appointed location, demanding to know what the mysterious man wanted. Nemo then revealed that he wanted just one thing from Thunder Woman: for her to kill him. The heroine balked at this bizarre request, but Oudeis was certain of what he wanted. He revealed that his previous defeat had been a sham: he had allowed Samantha and Herakles to beat him within an inch of his life, just to see if it was in her to do so. But now, now it was for real. But Thunder Woman would not accept his demand to kill him, and instead moved to incapacitate Oudeis. Furious, the man demonstrated that his skill and power were far greater than he had shown before. In a titanic battle, Oudeis bested and humiliated Thunder Woman, leaving her broken and beaten in a display of power and ruthlessness unlike anything she had encountered before. But Nemo had no intention to kill Thunder Woman. He wanted her to kill him. He issued his ultimatum, stating that unless she gave into his demands, he would make her life a living hell. To punctuate this, Oudeis forced Samantha to watch as with a single massive blast of energy, Oudeis completely and utterly wiped out Vander’s Mill, one of Newport’s largest suburbs.

His point made, Oudeis disappeared, leaving Thunder Woman clues as to the future tribulations awaiting her: he wanted her and four of her allies to pursue him and his acolytes, to meet the challenges he would lay before him. In the wake of the destruction of Vander’s Mill, Samantha healed. She called together as many of her allies as she could. When she was well, Thunder Woman and her party would set out and follow the trail Oudeis had lain for her. She vowed that she would bring Oudeis to justice and avenge the dead of Vander’s Mill. Accompanied by Herakles, Lunazon, Zharova, and Mazda, Thunder Woman set off on her journey. Awaiting her at the end was Oudeis. But he wasn’t done with Samantha, and before they would get the chance to confront him and his four acolytes, the band would have to deal with many, many obstacles. And with each one, Thunder Woman would grow harder, angrier, and more determined, until the fateful, final confrontation. Would Samantha learn not to give into anger and her desire for revenge, or would she indeed relent and kill Oudeis? And just who was Nemo Oudeis, and why did he want to be killed, and why did he choose Thunder Woman specifically to accomplish this? Only one other knew, knew the truth behind Oudeis’ quest and his desire to use Thunder Woman.


Nemo Oudeis, in his battles with Thunder Woman, displayed a staggeringly frightful amount of power, including superstrength greater than her or Herakles, toughness, and blindingly fast speed and reflexes, coupled with considerable skill in hand-to-hand combat. Along with this martial skill, Oudeis demonstrated an ability to channel a mysterious energy capable of breaking down matter and energy. But as Thunder Woman and her allies pursued Oudeis in his “game,” she learned that this was but the tip of the iceberg as far as what the villain could do, and that she would need to grow more powerful and better at fighting if she would have the remotest chance of beating this mysterious villain.

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