Thunder Zeus - Greece Picture

Thunder Zeus is Greece's one and only jaeger to date. Though it is not a country bordering on the Pacific, Greece was able to build a jaeger due to the economic boost it (and many other non-Pacific countries) received due to the many who moved away from the Pacific after the kaiju began attacking. Other European countries also contributed to Thunder Zeus' production.

Thunder Zeus is a capable melee fighter, with knuckle guards for enhanced punches. Its primary weapon, however, is the Thudnerbolt, a spear capable of channeling and discharging massive electric currents. When fighting in thunderstorms, the Thunderbolt can also act as a lightning rod, absorbing the energy of lightning strikes to either give the jaeger a boost in power or to increase its electrical output. Used in conjunction with the Thunderbolt is the Aegis, a thick shield that extends out from its arm.

Its logo is an eagle, the symbol of Zeus, and the words 'KERAUNOS ZEUS', which is 'Thunder Zeus' in Greek.


Well here it is, my own Pacific Rim jaeger. Obviously, inspired by
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