The Mighty Poseidon and his Steeds Picture

Envious, wrathful, and aggressive, Poseidon wonders around the depths of our oceans. Poseidon is second only to Zeus though some argue they are equally powerful. Poseidon is the Lord of the Oceans and the creator of horses. His dolphins and horses mean a lot to him. His white horses are said to be able to take him to surface in a blink. Poseidon --like Zeus-- has many love affairs and offsprings. He is said to be completely unpredictable. At times he is kind and noble especially his worshipers. At other times, he causes earthquakes and chaotic storms with his trident. People used to throw their horses into the sea as a sacrifice to him. You don't wanna get the big man angry after all lol. Greek Mythology is pretty awesome once you get into it.

This drawing was pretty hard since I couldn't find many helpful references so a big part of it was a challenge which taught me many new things. It's not the best drawing but I am happy with how it came out.

Tools used:

-Graphite pencils 4h-8b
-Crappy sketching paper
-Good music to keep me going
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