Seeds of Love Picture

Persephone, goddess of spring, kneeling beside her husband, Hades, the god of the underworld as she offers him a pomegranate. In Greek mythology, Hades abducted her and tricked her to eat six pomegranate seeds, making her bound to the Underworld forever because any one who ate the food of the dead was forced to remain forever. However, Zeus made a compromise. Persephone would spend six months on Earth with her mother, Demeter, on Earth. During this time, it would be spring, because the earth would rejoice when she returned.Though, she also had to spend the remaining six months (each month for each seed she ate) of the year with Hades during the winter. But I believe that Persephone eventually learned to love Hades, and that is why I made this photo.

Persephone [link]

Hades [link]

Forest [link]

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Stone Throne [link]

Pomegranate [link]
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