Golden Apple Picture

A golden apple, rendered completely in Adobe Illustrator CS4. For the apple I mostly used the Gradient Mesh tool. I created the specks on the apple using a custom-made randomized scatter brush. The shadow of the apple was created by copying the apple, going to town with the Gaussian Blur and distorting the apple's shape. I also layed a transparent Radial Gradient underneath it. The sparklies in the background were created using a randomized scatter brush, duplicating the layer and adding a Gaussian Blue to the underlayer.

This apple is supposed to be the golden apple thrown into a wedding by Eris, goddess of discord, who was unhappy at not being invited to said wedding. The apple simply came with a note saying "To to fairest" so Aphrodite, Hera and Athena all fought, each believing to be the most beautiful. Zeus appointed Paris to judge the most beautiful and each of the goddesses tried bribing him: Athena with knowledge, Hera with power, and Aphrodite with beauty. Paris was promised Helen of Troy by Aphrodite, thus deemed Aphrodite the most beautiful and was given Helen. And that's how the Trojan war began according to Greek mythology! So it wasn't exactly Helen's fault so much as it was the Apple of Discord's fault.
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