Stories of the Past 12 Picture

The twelfth page. Now there's only two pages left. They will have to wait for a while, though, since I'm going away this week to attend Small Press Expo in Stockholm. And then I'll be visiting a friend, so I won't be back again until May the 11th.

I really suck at drawing horses, but Athena simply couldn't have walked all the way down to Athens from the heights of Olympus. And I don't think she would have let Hermes carry her (if he even would have been able to do it. She is quite big compared to him). So... a chariot and a couple of winged horses, which was left at a safe place outside the city.

The titan Atlas was actually Hermes' grandfather. He was also a brother of Prometheus, but unlike his brother, Atlas fought against Zeus in the Titanomachia. As a punishment he was condemned to stand at the werstern end of the earth and hold up the sky on his shoulders (which he is NOT doing in my comic, since it's simply too unrealistic. Okay, the gods exist and they have supernatural powers, but the sky is just like our sky and it can't be hold up). Through his connection with the sky, Atlas was sometimes seen as the god of astronomy and astrology.
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