Gaia: with child Picture

I had several interesting shots of this, and I chose this one over the other 5 or 6 for no reason I can concretely put my finger on. I guess somewhere in my head, this one just seemed the most pleasing? I thought about putting up more than one, but I really don't want to get into the habit of multiple deviations from the same subject... at least not yet. I'll save that for when I start shooting people again I suppose...

Anyway... here she is, the Earth Mother, Gaia. Pregnant with our blue planet. I like the small details upon her, in her hair and around her skin. I put this in the miscellaneous section only after reading about the plants/trees section, and realizing it would probably get deleted from there. So it's here by default.

and on a fast side note: I really hate the way we're screwing up this planet. I wish there was so many answers to our needs, and maybe someday there will be. Well, someday... someday -soon-.... there'll HAVE to be, right?
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