Maedhros Picture

EDIT 08/22 : okay I'm in my "let's re-do the drawing I find old and not good" ... Maedhros was in my list, I hope that this version is better.
Old one : [link]

Well, here is a drawing of Maedhros when he was attached to the Thangorodrim by Morgoth.

Actually, to be a little more precise, soon after his leaving Aman with his father and his brothers to take back the Silmarils, Maedhros was taken captive after a battle by Morgoth.
The Dark Lord made him be hung by the wrist of his right hand upon Thangorodrim (a huge Mountain).
He stayed many years while Fingolfin brought his hosts into Middle-earth passing across across the ice of the Helcaraxë.
Fingon, cousin and best friend, found him, but Maedhros begged his friend to kill him with his bow. However, with the help of Thorondor the great eagle, Fingon freed him by cutting off Maedhros’s right hand.

...I love that story ! you know what, it reminds me the story of Prometheus in the Greek Mythology.
Well, I barely remembered that from my latin lesson in Middle and high school and I think we even talked about it during the 1rst year of Medicine
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