Demi-Goddess Bastet Picture

Once the Gods had been created they realized that the sheer number of tasks at hand for them amongst a growing and thriving world was far too great for them to handle on their own. As such The gods turned towards the resonant energies left over from their creator once his job had become complete.

In Tandem the Gods stood, casting their own strengths and talents one by one into the mass of energies until it began to split and branch off from it's self crafting entities of great strength, composed of the best abilities the Gods could offer.

The first crafted was Bastet. Bountiful in beauty and playfulness she was created of love and protection, of life and fertility. She was to be the Demi-Goddess whom would grant power to the remaining Demi Gods and Goddesses that she would herself create.

The Second came A Great and powerful figure with great strength and wisdom, The Allfather known as Odin. Odin was to watch over the process of growth and development amongst the Demi-Gods and to stand over the heavens as commander of the armies of light.

The Third was Known as Apocalypse, a great being made up of four great powers known as Death, Pestilence, Famine, and War. This being was set to govern the many dark and difficult aspects of life.

Fourth was Leviathan, A serpentine beast of great strength, soaring through the heavens built to slay those set to die and to command the actions of Apocalypse, and more importantly Death.

Fifth came Behemoth, Counter to Leviathan and the giver of Life. Behemoth was created to govern over Bastet's fertility and the life over every creature on Urth.

Sixth Came Chronos, The thousand armed beast that dictated the time of every creature in existence. This told Leviathan and Behemoth when to create and destroy life.

Seventh was Ifrit, A being of pure flame and burning courage, set to govern the acts of Apocalypse, specifically of War determining when to set fire to the world and when to set battle in motion. Ifrit was specially crafted to stand as the Successor of Saphroth, God of fire.

Eighth was Poseidon. A mighty dinosaur and master of the seas. Set to Protect the life of the Mother Goddess Bast and to protect the waters of Urth. Poseidon was created as the Successor of Degra, God of Water.

Ninth came The rainbow serpent of the sky Quetzalcoatl. Set to bring joy and beauty after Apocalypse's work was complete. Quetzalcoatl was created to be the successor of the Wind God Assmoneustrega.

Tenth was Epona, the young goddess of Nature and the messenger of Bastet. Young and sprightly she rode her majestic horse Twili across the universe spreading love and flowers wherever she went to proclaim the name of the gods. Epona was crafted as the successor to Demoni, God of Earth.

Eleventh, the final demi god crafted by Godly hands, was Charon. A sole ferryman, the demi-god whom would stand in the deepest pits of hell or the softest planes of Celestia, ferrying lost souls to their final resting place.

The Gods set these demi-gods fourth and commanded them to do their jobs well and with pride, and all was fine.


Doesn't she look kinda familiar?

Hmm, wonder why?

Bastet or Bast, is known as an Egyptian Goddess of Fertility, protection, fun, and sometimes music and the moon. Thought to be the wife of Anubis in some cases, Bast exists as a Demigoddess On Urth.

Her rank is that of the "Heaven Bound" Those whom are considered to be on their way to becoming heavenly ones or are considered so by the Land Walkers, but refuses to cast aside her body and her human curiosity and emotions.

Later on in the Earth's history many of the Demi-Gods escaped to Earth or visited there as an alternate battlefield in the war of the gods. Bast arrived in Egypt and was worshiped by the Egyptians for her beauty and kindness and they pampered her and treated her well. They knew that those whom were with wicked hearts would be consumed by the mother goddess and as such it explained where their legend of the Sphinx came from and it also is where the large monument came from. Bast had come to Egypt to aid Quetzalcoatl (Known by the Egyptians falsely as an evil snake god Apep or Apophis) In his war with Anubis and Horus against the Demi-Gods Ra, Zeus, and Shiva.

Bast has been known across the world as other names such as Damara, Onuava, Hathor, Aphrodite, Artemis, Freyja, Venus and Umay. Though many interpret her differently they were all actually the same goddess.

Bast's rival is Shub-Niggurath, the Chaos Goddess of Fertility and queen of the realms of madness.

Bast was eventually struck down in battle By Lucifer. However she used the last of her energy to disperse her energies and deposit them within Behemoth so she would be born again when her time came.

Bast was reborn thousands of years later as a small kitten whom was purchased by a young girl named Katrina.. and well, I'm sure some of you can figure out the story from there.

That one needed a lot of info, but all of these Demi-Gods need a chunk of information otherwise I can't get everything across. Soon, I'll post a pic of what Katrina looks like when she accesses Bast's powers.

Actually I came up with the theory that Katrina became one with Bastet a long time ago for my stories but I never defined it and for a while I tossed the idea because I couldn't think of a good way to use it, but recently I've gotten some ideas that have lead to this so it should be fun.
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