Hera - Enthroned Washington Picture

“Enthroned Washington”

U.S President George Washington Statue

There is much speculation surrounding this sculpture. the artist claims me modeled it after the great statue of Zeus Olympios, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. many people find a more similar comparison with the image if the Baphomet.

The figure sits, half draped, holding out a sword in his left hand, as a gesture of empowering the American people after gaining their independence. His right hand and index finger are pointing up towards the heavens.

Do to constant controversy, the statue has been moved around the city to 5 different location since its original unveiling in 1841.

It now resides with the Smithsonian and can currently be found in the National Museum Of American History. The statue sits at the western end of the main floor facing east.

On either side of the statue is a smaller statue, on male and one female, representing a pagan trinity. The architect (Zeus, "Father of Gods and men") is on the right. As God of the sky, he stands above the depiction of Helios (the Sun.
The goddess (Hera),is found in the left side and Washington is centered between them, representing the Perfected Man.

On the bottom left panel there is a depiction of Helios, the sun was personified and crowned with the shining aureole of the sun. He is depicted riding the chariot of the sun,or solar steeds, across the sky. In Roman mythology he was known as Sol, or Sol Invictus.

On the bottom right panel, below a small fasci, is a peculiar depiction of two small children (or cherubs). One of them lays on his stomach with his hands covering his face and his left eye peaking out between the index finger and thumb of his left hand. The other child is sitting up with a serpant wrapped around each arm. He holds one of the serpants up with his right arm and stares in its eyes. His head is adorned with a large, inverted, five pointed, blazing star, represnting Sirius.

In ancient Persia, the word cherub also meant serpent.

Poseidon's trident can be seen on the back of Washington's thrown. The armrests bear the head's of lions with legs underneath the faces and a large "Lion's Paw" at the bottom.

Commissioned for the centennial of President Washington's birth.

Sculpted by Horatio Greenough

Located: National Museum Of American History
1000 Jefferson Drive Southwest, Washington, DC


Lion's Paw

Illuminated Washington

Serpents and Cherubs


Poseidon's Trident

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