Sienna - Daughter of Nemesis Picture

This is my contest entry for a contest on #Percyfanart[link]
You are supposed to draw your OC in a capture the flag game. Since I -until now- didn't have a Percy Jackson OC (the Roman girls don't really count), I made one up. In the group, I'm in the cabin of Nemesis, the goddess of revenge and balance, so my OC had to be from that cabin.

Here she is, Sienna, daughter of Nemesis. She specializes in setting traps and her weapons are 4 throwing knives that are magically enchanted to get back to her after she threw them (otherwise, throwing knives are pretty useless in my opinion). Her traps are so good that she's the only one that guards the red flag of her team. And if you ask yourself "how does that trap there work?"..well, it doesn't. That's just the visible trap. If the other team tries to avoid this one, they stumble right into the invisible trap that's made out of those very thin and painful strings she holds in her hands.
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