Pandoras Other Box Picture

Pandora's Other Box
...And Zeus and the other gods made a woman to match the man. One of the many gifts they gave her was a box, which they told her never to open. Being tricked, she did open it, and let out all the evils and pains upon the world. But, at the very bottom, lay Hope, with a broken wing. After releasing Hope, she found another box in which lay Love which had strong, powerful wings, but chained with the tools with which to break it.

Pandora knelt down and scooped up Love, and in doing so, it shattered into a million pieces and scattered around the world like feathers on a breeze, to be found by all if they search for it. Because it is fragile, and each piece has it's own blade of destruction, it may be lost. But, do not despair, for it can also be found again and nursed back to health, and that is true Hope.


Just randomly came up with the title and accompanying paragraphs out of thin air: Afflatus! I think it works well, don't you agree?

oh, and This is the reason I was up until 2am last night instead of going to bed around 11pm like I said I was (to those of you I told, and looked at me funny when I told them I stayed up for so long)

Lined with pencil, then inked with a fine-point Bic pen, which took about two hours total because I had to fill in the heart and wings very solidly. Also, the stitches and signature in the locked heart took time to do well, but I like the effect it brings to the rest of it. The feathers I added on a whim, and it matches perfectly.

Darkened it up to counteract the glare from the ink-and-scanner interaction. Of which is still slightly visible...
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