Persefone: Queen Of The Hades Picture

My First job with a tablet (Trust TB 4200 wireless tablet)!

Unknown to most, despised by those who know her, Persephone is the perfect embodiment of the famous phrase:''Behind every great man there is a great woman.'' The goddess is known as Kore (When the Olympus) and Persephone by (When her husband in the underworld) and is the daughter of Zeus and the goddess of fertility and the fields of agriculture, Demeter, and is one of the most beautiful of goddesses Greek mythology, leading up to the envy of Aphrodite.

Persephone has an important role in balancing the''hell''dividing the tasks her husband and became a goddess-queen of chthonic entities!
This work was done in about 6 hours with many breaks in the middle hehe and was also my first tabalho done completely with a tablet!

By Google Translator
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