solar owls Ganymede Picture

Strix fulvescens Fulvous Owl

the Beauty , The kidnapped , The Artist

-Wasp- Ganymede is often seen as a symbol of communication and words wasps in many mythology's and religion are symbols of communication as well

-Eagle- the eagle necklace is all due to the greek's myth of zeus turning himself into a eagle to abduct young ganymede a beautiful youth who became the gods cup bearer

-orange/red tones - there are many ancient pots and ceramics featuring ganymede which tend to have orange or red as there main colour
example here [link]

colours -ganymede in a few regions and myths is a symbol of the arts and the artist

stars- ganymede in greek mythology was given / or became the stars that are the constellation of aquarius

hope you guys like

(C) devon busby

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