Eris evil goddess Picture

in mythology, this is a goddess named Eris. She is the evil goddess of discord.
before the trojan war, there was a wedding and out of all the divinities, she was the only one not invited. Wanting to cause trouble, she threw a golden apple marked " for the fairest" into the banquet hall. All the goddesses wanted it, but in the end it was narrowed down to Aphrodite, Here, and Athena.
they asked Zeus to decided the fairest, but he couldnt so he sent them to prince Paris on Mt. Ida.
Each of the goddesses bribed him with a special gift so that they would be chosen the 'fairest'.
in the end, paris choses Aphrodite, who offered him the fairest woman in the world.

This was called the Judgement of Paris, which was the real reason why the Trojan War was fought.....
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