Daddys Girl 121 Picture

I've been trying to post a decent version of this page since yesterday. I recently bought a new computer and used a newer version of photoshop when I scanned and lettered the page, and for some reason the lines ended up less sharp all the time when I tried to post it here. It was frustrating as hell and my friend Joacim informed me that I was quite hysterical about it.

EDIT: Sigh. Now the page looks crap again and all I did was to edit things so it could be downloaded. I don't know why deviantART is acting so fucking weird to me, but I'll just leave it this time to save my sanity. At least the page looks good if you zoom in a bit.

Anyway, you maybe remember that I once did a drawing of Hera as "teenager", sitting in a tree and throwing cones at Zeus:… . When I wrote down the dialogue for this scene I suddenly remembered that drawing and thought it would be fun to let Hera sort of mention it. ^^
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