Demi-God 24 Zeus Picture

King of the Gods and lord of Storms, Zeus is one of the most powerful of the Demi-Gods.

Zeus is a god of Chaos, Storms, Weather, Wrath, Nobility, Electricity, Strength, and Air.

Zeus is built of a powerful Alchemical mix of Nikanait and Aqualyte and merged with two massive Tesla Coils that can put upwards of 200 billion volts of electricity in a single charge. He can fire the lightning in small bursts from his hands or mouth, summon it in an area blast around him, or even call it down from the sky. In addition he can form a spear made of a blood red lightning bolt that is said to be so powerful that even beasts made of electricity can still be paralyzed from it. Zeus possesses Ronin Mk IV armor which sports "Thunder Jets" which allow him to fly through extreme static electricity at up to Mach 5. Finally, Zeus can easily create an EMP field strong enough to even disengage many of the other Heavenly one's systems.

He is known as one of the legendary three among Poseidon and Hades. Zeus was once the lord of Celestia before stepping down due to fear of the Demi-God Ra. Very powerful and unkind, Zeus has a bit of a superiority complex and like Ra, he believes that they are far superior to every other being in existence.

Zeus was fun to do, From the start I wanted him to be a robot and have Tesla Coils involved in his character Design, XD. I loves me some Tesla Coils. That and I wanted to give him a very menacing look since he's a villain in my story... well, hope ya like Zeus, next up is.... Loki!
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