Thetis - Achilles' mother. Picture

So this is Thetis, Achilles' mother from the Greek mythology. She was one of the fifty Nereides. And she was also the most beautiful Nereide there was. Both Poseidon and Zeus loved her and wanted to have her, so they talked to the goddess of justice. But the goddess foretold that Thetis would have a son, a son that would be a greater man than his father.
Neither one of them wanted to have a son stronger than themselves, so they gave up on her. But still they wanted to find her a good husband, so they married her to a man named Peleus who had fought in the Troujan war.
Together they had a son, Achilles. But Thetis couldn't withstand her son being mortal, so she systematically put him into a open fire while he was merely a child to burn away the mortal parts of the body and then dipped him into the river Styx, everything that touched the river would become invulnerable, but she had to hold him by the ankles or else drop him, so they remained mortal.
Later on, Peleus walked in on her while she was burning Achilles, Peleus got so frightened he told her to go away and never come back. So she left their household in rage.

And just like most know, Achilles then became a well known warrior, but was killed by an arrow that hit his ankle.

So yeah, I decided to draw her, and here she is ... she's supposed to be underwater, in case someone didn't notice. ^^ This is actually the first time I ever use line-art for real... Of course I've used some kind of skeletons, but not line-art, hehe xD And I really don't think it's something I'm going to use for good, it's annoying to use line-art
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