The Goddess Demeter WIP Picture

This sketch, of which the full title is "The Goddess Demeter Waits in Eleusis for Spring's Return", is an illustration inspired by one of the Greek mythological tales of Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and harvest.

In the tale, the god and King of the Underworld, Hades, abducted and held prisoner Demeter and Zeus' daughter, Persephone, whom Demeter loved dearly. Demeter became distraught when she couldn't find Persephone and sought refuge in Eleusis. Demeter soon learned Hades captured her daughter and she asked Zeus to intervene and save Persephone. Zeus refused. So, Demeter withdrew and out of spite and revenge she let no crops grow. Once Zeus realized the resulting famine threatened the extinction of the human race, he sent Hermes to rescue Persephone.

When Persephone was reunited with her mother, Demeter asked if she had eaten anything while she was in the underworld. Persephone admitted she had eaten a pomegranate seed. Because of this, she now spends one-third of each year in the Underworld as the wife of Hades, and two-thirds of the year with her mother. While Persephone is in the Underworld, Demeter mourns in Eleusis and refuses to allow crops to grow until she gets her daughter back again

** UPDATED** I've started designing the background to this WIP and will transfer it to my cold press board to paint very soon! There are lots of Greek designs and details that will go into this painting. More updates to follow.
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