VC: Symbolism Picture

I've been browsing art today and true to my nature the subject was Greek mythology, more specifically, the story of Zeus and Ganymede.
It's such a good tale and there's loads of beautiful art depicting that story.

After a while though, quite naturally you might say, my thoughts turned to the VCs and I thought, 'well, Marius would tell that tale to the boys, he's fond of classic love-stories' and when the thought had entered my mind I couldn't get rid of it again. I yearned for Marius and as always I fell in love with him all over again drawing this!
Gods I love him!!

So, Marius is resting with Amadeo, whispering the tale of Zeus and his young lover Ganymede softly in his ear and as Amadeo complaisantly listens the parallels between story and reality aren't lost on him
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