Persephone Picture

Part of a project for my mythology class was to choose a god or goddess of the Greek pantheon and illustrate them, including their classic iconography, etc.

Persephone is a goddess. I will shortly summarize her story; it'll help explain the painting, in which there is a lot of symbolism and all that good junk xP

One day she was picking flowers or something and Hades, the god of the Underworld, sees her and decides he MUST have her as his wife. So he comes up from the underworld and kidnaps her and brings her down with him. She of course does not want to be down in the underworld as his wife for the rest of her days [which is forever; she's not mortal.] He tries to cheer her up by giving her delicious fruits and stuff. She finally eats a few pomegranate seeds. Her mother, Demeter, comes along and tries to bargain with Hades to let Persephone go. For some reason he says yes, and allows Persephone to walk all the way up the magic staircase leading to the upper world, when he tells her that pomegranates are special to him; anybody who eats some is stuck in the underworld forever. But Demeter and Persephone are so upset that Zeus steps in and makes a deal. The deal is this: for 6 months, Persephone will be in the underworld with Hades as his wife. For the other 6 months, she will be allowed to live on the surface world again. I forgot to mention that Demeter is the goddess of like, agriculture and plants growing and stuff. Demeter agrees to the bargain, but she isn't happy; so she says that for the time that Persephone is in the underworld, she won't let anything grow. All the plants will be dead. During her daughter's time on the surface, she'll let everything grow again.

Haha, you don't need to read that. It's just the background story.
Anyways, enjoy the picture =]
For something that I did in like, an hour of painting, and like 30 minutes of lineart sketching and crap, I'm pleased with the outcome.
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