Stories of the Past 11 Picture

The eleventh page. The dialogue between Hermes and Prometheus could easily go on for several pages, but I decided to cut it here, since it was just supposed to be a quick flashback.

What does Zeus want to know from Prometheus? Well, there's a goddess who is destined to give birth to a son more powerful than its father (Athena's mother was also such a goddess). And if Zeus would have a love affair with her, that son would overthrow him, just like he himself once overthrew his own father. Prometheus is the only one who knows exactly who that goddess is. To just stop screwing around and stay home with the wife instead is obviously not an option here (seriously, what's wrong with the guy? Must be a real bad case of sexual addiction), so Zeus has sent Hermes to make Prometheus reveal the secret.

Despite his mischievous nature and kleptomaniac tendencies, Hermes is a people-person. And he would never dare to disobey an order from his father.
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