Lycaon Picture

Lycaon.... In Greek Mythology, he's the guy who Zeus turned into a wolf, making the first Lycan, or Werewolf.

Inthis picture, I made Lycaon a furry. He is a wolf, and his necklace is a werewolf's claw. He is, infact, a werewolf, but in a different sense because he is always a wolf, and he never transforms by moon, but he can turn others into werewolves.

I did this a LONG time ago, just never got around to finishing it..... I finally scanned and and, once again, forgot to color so, here, just lookit the black and white outline.

His colors were going to be a light umber with tan-colored markings, wearing dark grey pants and a black vest, the straps white. All his fancy stuff is gold and silver. Hi eyes are a shimmering gold.

I have a few more Greek gods/goddesses in my folder for this year, along with figures in other mythologies. If you have a request, I'll see what I can do.
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