Repeating history Picture

Yeah, I couldn't think of a better title, just go with it. Basically the idea of the pic is Hades trying to repeat history with Herc and Meg's daughter.
Now when I was working on this comic, I was watching this awesome new show on history channel called "Clash of the Gods" it is a very accurate show on the myths of famous Greek Gods, what makes it so awesome is that they have actors portraying the myths and I must say that with special effects they are very accurate and amazing. The ones I've seen so far were on Hades, Zeus, and Hercules. In the Hercules episode, it shows Herc with his wife Meg, but according to the show the myths say that they had 2 children, both boys. Then I heard from someone else, that what they've read was that Herc and Meg had 3 children, again all boys. So yeah, if they had all boys then my is pic wrong, but oh well, it's fanart, we the artists can make up whatever we want right?
Hope you guys like the comic, and if you guys are into Greek Mythology, I request watching Clash of the Gods on History Channel, it really helps explain the myths.
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