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SO. Here is your goat person, Pan. He's the god of nature, shepherds, and herds. He has the AMAZING ABILITES to cause an orgasm, panic, or inspiration on cue.. depending on his intentions. Apparently he's a very sexual being and always had an erection.. but I'd never draw that HAR HAR. It would either get DD'd or deleted. Probably the latter LAWL.

Anyways. Pan was the son of Hermes (or some say Zeus but WHO CARES) who fell in love with a nymph named Syrinx. He made her panic OOPS and she ran away and escaped by turning into a bed of reeds. Pan heard these reeds in the wind making beautiful sounds, so he made an instrument out of them and named that instrument on behalf of the nymph. AWWW. And he blew her. All the times.
So yeah. Pan was like those satyrs. Horny bastards.
Oh, and also, Pan was said to be the only immortal god that had ever died. Of what, I dunno.

Andandand Pan isn't just a god that appears in Greek mythology. He is also in Roman mythology (under the name Faunus.. hence, a "faun" is a goat-person), the Wiccan/Neopagan religions, and he's also an Arcadian god. So, he's everywhere. But in pretty much any religion or mythology, he's a horny goat man with a constant erection.
Or not.

.05 mech pencil
Image and artwork © 2006 to *pandorabox

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