BEARDCORE: valkryies Picture

here's some freelance work i've been spreadin ink and lead on during the holiday break - along side the zeus tee i did for beardcore i also got commissioned for a hoodie design, all themed after norse mythology

this is the front of the hoodie, so the zipper will come down and split the crossed valkyries spears in half, and when the hoodie is open you'd have a valkyrie on each of your side, posied for ancient battle

the words BEARDCORE also read across the hood, and when this gets up and printed i'll make sure i get some photos of some people rockin this sick new gear

mad props to Rush and beardcore for such an awesome chance to spread ink on something like this

(there will be two different hoodies, this one will be on a white "snow" hoodie with just black lines, and there will be a black hoodie with some color - stay tuned for both editions)
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