Earth 133: Wonder Woman Picture

SO! I was planning on creating this lady a while back, but never really had the inspiration, or desire to. That was until I saw the incredible work that TSFR did with his WW redesign, I was so impressed and it sparked something in me that made me really want to complete my design!

This is only part of the full Wonder Woman post I was supposed to make, but I'm just so excited to post her that I couldn't wait until I finished everything!

Full details of the revamp will come along soon, but the basic premise is this;

Loner, herbologist, Dana Missiakos is living out her dream. Traveling the world alone with her notebooks, and camera, she plans to find species of plant that have never been discovered and become renowned for her discoveries.

During her travels, Dana stumbles through an invisible barrier in Greece that pulls her to a temple of female warriors known as Amazons. Charged with the protection of Pandora's Box, these females welcome Dana as a fellow sister and in due time, trust her enough to let her become a part of their society.

Upon drinking the nectar of vitality, the frail herbologist is transformed into a six foot, lean and powerful beauty. Amazed by her power, Dana falls in love with the hidden society and becomes too interested in the box of Pandora.

One day, Dana finds the box and out of curiousity, or some hidden spell, is compelled to open it, unleashing ancient Greek evils upon the world. As penalty for her grave mistake, Dana is forced to take the Golden Chain of Unbinding and sent out into the world, using the chain to free humans from the posession of the powerful spirits.

As time goes by, Dana is granted various gifts from the Amazons to aid her journey, leading up to the costume you see above. Throughout her travels and upon saving countless lives (that she firstly endangered), she becomes known to the world as Wonder Woman!

Base by Taiko554, but all other aspects of Earth 133 Wonder Woman is all mine! No touching!
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