Calypso and Odysseus Picture

okay, I suck at humans
They look like little kids >.>
I drew this for my Odyssey childrens book project..

In this scene, Calypso comes and talk to Odysseus, this is the story:
When Zeus hit Odysseus's ship, everyone died except him. He floated on a piece of wood all the way to Calypso's island. Calypso is a nymph all alone on the island and she loves Odysseus, so she doesn't let him go. Athena eventually helps Odysseus,so Hermes comes and forced Calypso to let Odysseus go home.
This can be sunrise or sunset, forgot which one. Calypso is coming over to Odysseus who is looking over the ocean longingly and she tells him that he is allowed the go home.

drawn on Corel Painter 11
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