Bound to Tartaros Picture

I made this when I wanted to begin working on Purgatorio hot rod, but realized the I run out of A3 papers. So don't worry, automotive art is in progress.

The character in the picture is Thanatos, personification of death in ancient Greek mythology. He was twice fooled by Sisyphos. Because of the first cheating on Death, Sisyphos was sentenced to be bound to Tartaros, the worst part of Underworld. Thanatos was asked to show how the cuffs work, which led to Thanatos be bound to Tartaros and Sisyphos left Underworld again. Death was given freedom by Ares, god of war and madness, who was upset that none of his enemies could be killed. Sisyphos was finally dragged to Tartaros where he must roll a giand rock uphill, which only leads to the rock roll downhill just under the top of the hill. His work is as useless as cheating on death.
I show you Thanatos being bound to Underworld after Sisyphos' second action.
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