PRC Olympian Megazord Deux Picture

So, I've been thinking recently. And I've come to the conclusion that a Bull is not the best way to represent Zeus. Instead, the eagle would be.

Then came the thinking process of how to change the megazord design. Eventually, I ended up with this, and I like it ALOT better. It's not so top heavy this time around.

So, there's the new Thunder Divine Beast of Zeus, the eagle. It is said that it flies so quickly that lightning was first modeled after its own talons. Nothing really changes with the megazord. I did change it so the head of the eagle comes down over the chest, a la Jumbowhale/Whale Zord. I was also faced with what to do with the wings, but they work amazing as a grecian battle kilt thing, which is what I wanted from the start XD The legs of the eagle detach(and reattach to the back beneath the cape formed by the swan's wings) and that is where the legs of the Cerberus attach. The tail feathers and the dolphin's tail now form the Megazord's spear-y thing, and they still use divine blitz as their finisher. I also added color to the helmet wings to represent the other two rangers.

Hope ya like! ^3~)b

Link to the first drawing and for details on the megazord: [link]
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