Greek Imotals Family Tree Picture

One of my many loves is Greek mythology -- WELL, mythology in general, but Greek mythology in particular. I've had a mind to do this for a while ... and now it's finished! Or as close as I think I'll ever get. It's not quite complete (I have no idea who the other two Hesperides were), and of course one of the absolute facts about mythology is there is always contradictions. For instance, while Eros was most commonly attributed to a tryst between Aphrodite and Ares (these accounts are almost entirely from later periods), there are also versions where he was created from Chaos together with Gaea. I'm sorry, I seem to be going off on a tangent (I do that a lot).
Anyways, made entirely in Paint, everyone here is a god unless otherwise noted. Maybe later I'll embellish the "branches."

uuuuuggggg!! PLEASE help me with categorization!
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