Children of Hades Picture

From right hand to left (oldest to youngest). The information will be provided briefly.

Plutus - The personification of wealth. Thought to be the child of Hades and Persephone; though in another version, the child of Demeter and a demigod named Iasion. In one mythology, he was blinded by Zeus so he could disperse his gift without prejudice, whether that person is good or evil. But eventually Plutus gained back his sight and can decide who is deserving of possessing wealth, even though it would cause havoc.

Zagreus - Identified with the deity, Dionysus, Zagreus was said to be a child of Persephone and Zeus in a form of the snake. Then Hera, in her usual jealous rage, ordered the Titans have the child killed. Zagreus eventually died after being torn to pieces and eaten. Then his heart was recovered and was placed in a mortal woman named Semele before reincarnating.

Of course, this is only in the Orphic version. In the Illiad, he's the son of Hades himself. (And possibly the heir, as well).

Melinoe - "Dark Thought", the Goddess of the Offerings to the Dearly Departed who wanders the Earth every night with a train of ghosts, scaring anyone on their path. It was said that it was the reason why dogs bark seemingly at nothing at night (since she and her ghost train were invisible). One version said that she is the child of Zeus and Persephone, thus possessing powers of light and darkness. But in some versions, she's the full daughter of Hades.

Macaria - Goddess of Blissful Death/Blessed Afterlife. Not much was known about her, even if she is born of the "forced" union of Hades and Persephone.


I based Plutus and Zagreus' appearances from Kaien and Ichigo from Bleach by Tite Kubo. The girls were more or less based off of the Kurosaki Sisters/ fraternal twins but with different hair color. I was disappointed that Hades doesn't have kids of his own whilst his siblings have, so why deny him of his right to have a family?

Since the original myths aren't big on who's the oldest and who's the youngest, I just kind of wing it.
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