Capricorn YXUS-100 Zeus Picture

Made with Google SketchUp.

Name: YXUS-100 Zeus
Class: Unmanned Fighter
Role: Strike/Counterstrike Drone
Country: Peoples' Federation of Capricorn
Branch: Air Force
Company: Xero Technologies
Max Speed: 3,605 MPH.
Min. Speed: 195 MPH.
Cruise Speed: 500 MPH.
Pitch: 525 Points
Roll: 700 Points
Yaw: 755 Points
Acceleration: 770 Points
Stability: 680 Points
Defense: 600 (Z.V. armor; Ultra combat PES layer; Deflection shield layer)
Structure Material: Xerium Reinforced Zirconium Valinide
Weapon Slots: Gun Slots: 2-----Missle and Bomb Slots: 2
Max Payload: 4,000 LBS.
Tracking System: Rapid-Fire, Advanced Combat Scanner
Engine: 4, Spectrum Class, Version 10, Type 16
Power Source(s): 3, Version 6, Fighter-Grade Power Cores (With Regulators)
Unique Qualities and Equipment: CLAIR-class AI system
Era Completed: 4630-4640 (Earth Equivalent: 2005-2015 AD)

This planes strikes the ground like a bolt of lightning from the mythological god, Zeus. It is the first unmanned striker ever used in combat, and it performs very well for its role. It also has a new wing shape that I call "Evergreen" style because it reminds me of the silhouette of an evergreen tree.
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