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Well, what do you know, I FINALLY managed to finish this page.

I don't understand how a scene that seemed good in the synopsis and that still seemed good when I wrote down replies for it several weeks ago, suddenly turns out to be not good when I'm about to draw it. But it's not the first time something like that happens. I don't know how many times I had to change the replies before it felt somewhat right. Next page will hopefully be a bit easier.

In the Greek myths, Prometheus is a combination of a trickster and a culture hero. In the earliest stories told by Hesiod, he's mostly a trickster who challenges Zeus's omnipotence. The tricks he plays on Zeus are to better the lives of the mortals, but in the end he only makes the situation worse for them since Zeus avenges himself by not just punishing Prometheus but the whole human race.

Later during the Classical period, Aeschylus depicted him more like a culture hero in his tragedy "Prometheus Bound". According to this version, Prometheus taught mankind all the arts of civilization (writing, mathematics, agriculture, etc). That didn't please Zeus who was planning to destroy them to leave room for better creatures. We also get to know that Prometheus helped Zeus to victory in the Titan War. If the message in Hesiod's story was that you shouldn't go against the will of Zeus, Prometheus is now the hero and Zeus is the cruel tyrant who will lose in the end.

Oh, and Aeschylus's Prometheus also has the gift of prophecy. I didn't want my Prometheus to be that omniscient, so I decided that he only has very sporadic visions which he doesn't always know what they mean.
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